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Talk the Talk: Understanding Marketing + Social Acronyms to Sound like a PRO

MARKETING + SOCIAL MEDIA ACRONYMSSound like a PRO and talk the talk GET THE PDF VERSION HERE (It's FREE) Ever wonder WTF people are talking about at work or on social media? You’re in the field, or at least, you’re running a business which requires a hefty amount of marketing and social media to build that empire of yours -- so let’s catch you up on some of the lingo that the pros are using. I’ve broken it down for you; For business For social media Technical terms The fun stuff   FOR BUSINESS This will make you look like a mo-effing STAR in any meeting, presentation or email. You may see a lot of these within paid media systems....

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Stuff happens so the shift can happen // guest blog by Heather

Guest Blog by Heather of @bossbabehair_heather When I was younger, ya know those awkward middle school years when your Mom still cuts your bangs (unevenly, I might add.)? I was shy and introverted speckled with an intense case of awkward and clumsy. I remember vividly one day, my librarian came over to my usual hang out spot and said, “Honey, the TV Production class would be good for you. You should sign up.” In my mind, sirens were going off. That’s literally the opposite of everything that feels natural and right in my 13 year old body. Why would I want to cause attention to myself? I mulled it over and sure enough, I sucked it up and enrolled in...

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Meet Sara // Entrepreneur and Boutique Owner

INTRO BY WOLFEmeet Sara, no 'H'. owner of the Modern Emporium and bad ass female entrepreneur. check out her story below, how she became an entrepreneur and what inspires her. HER STORYI’m originally from Michigan although I knew I wanted out of there when I was a kid. 😂. So right after college I moved to Los Angeles and lived the most amazing life there for 16 years. In July, I moved to Dallas because my husbands entire company relocated. We’re adjusting. In some ways it’s exciting to be in a new place and able to explore new things. But we also miss everything we lived in LA that Dallas doesn’t offer. It’s been a challenge but we’re trying to...

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