Boosting your self confidence at the gym | Guest Blog by Alyssa

Have you ever gotten nervous in the gym? Has it ever felt like everyone was watching you or judging? Have you ever felt flustered when trying to figure out new workouts and machines? Working out is hard, but being comfortable with your surroundings while working  out is even harder. The gym can be a loud and overwhelming  place for some people. If you are new to the gym or just unfamiliar with new exercises that require you to use different machines, it can become a negative experience. It's also important to avoid injury or damage to the equipment. I used to be the queen of getting  nervous in the gym. Some people might  find it hard to believe that a girl who films herself in a crop top and fit leggings used to get so nervous it would ruin  an entire workout. Many people ask how I have gotten "over" this nervousness and how I am able to get in a good workout, but I've never really talked about it. 
So, after sitting down and really thinking about how I got so confident while working out it finally hit me. I simply just stopped caring. Yes... stop caring. Of course there were smaller steps I took alongside this, but the main thing was my mindset. What I thought about during my workouts or anticipated to occur stopped when I stopped caring. The thought of other people judging me just didn't cross my mind anymore. I realized I was there for myself and the first step to becoming a stronger and healthier version of myself was to stop caring about  other people's opinions. Those opinions are not coming home with me after my workout, so why should they be present during my workout. I know that seems a lot easier said than done, but if you take small steps to help yourself become more comfortable in your environment, it is achievable. Did it happen over night for me?! HELL  NO. However, by educating myself and changing my mindset I was successful.
Here are some tips to becoming more comfortable in the gym and your workout environment. First, educate yourself about the different equipment in the gym. Become familiar with the cable machine, AS WELL AS it's attachments and how to adjust the machines. Being able to adjust the machines was always the hardest and still is the hardest thing for me. Sometimes the machines are older and stick which makes them harder to loosen and adjust. Don't let this defeat you, keep working on it & Don't be afraid to ASK FOR HELP! Next, plan your workout ahead of time and become "flexible" on your visit. My gym gets crazy crowded sometimes and machines could be taken up. I always plan for back-up exercises that will work the same muscle group, but may not require a machine or crowded area. This tip ties into my next tip which is; educate yourself about the body and different muscle groups. This will help you with variety when it comes to working out. Completing the same exercises over and over will not be effective. Learn about how your body is transforming fat to muscle and the recovery process. 
All of these tips will also help to avoid injury when working out. They will also aid in proper muscle growth or cutting. Determine what your goal is and keep working towards that. Learning about the body and what each exercise does for it is important to building your confidence in the gym. I mean who was confident about something they studied and took personal time to learn? Remember the most important thing is to just smile and relax. A lot of people in the gym enjoy helping others gain more knowledge about working out. Don't be afraid to ask for help or speak up if you're confused. There are usually a lot of people walking around that work there as well. If you are truly not ready to go to the gym and workout  in public, there are TONS of home workout plans and guides. On my personal Instagram @a_to_z_fitnessjourney I post tons of workouts that can be done at home, in the park, or at the gym! Variety is key and it keeps it interesting and motivating. Be confident and smash your own goals. Don't worry about anyone else, at the end of the day/workout... it's your life. Your happiness it what matters most. 

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