Considerations for Content Planning

Before you plan your next photo/video shoot here are some things to take into consideration…

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What is the content, topic or area of focus? 


Where is this content going? What formats will you need…vertical? Landscape? Video? Whitespace? The list goes on. 

So, how can you extend the longevity/shelf life of content and how can you use it on multiple channels?

Think, why is this piece of content important? Does it provide value?

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These considerations will help you:  

  1. Prioritize
  2. Save time
  3. Add value by optimizing your content

These all goes hand in hand with building an impactful and profitable brand.

Here’s your challenge:

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Plan a WEEKS worth of content using these considerations

Then, join the Academy here Vivienne Wolfe, The Academy and share it with us!

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