Fitness, Health and Married Life…CONFESSIONS | Guest Blog by Harriet

So, my last blog was about how I was planning to ‘get back on track’ and find a routine that works for me now that I have come out of a calorie deficit and achieved the body I wanted for my wedding dress… I’ll be completely honest and say, it’s not gone to plan. 

For the most of September, I felt like rubbish. After getting married, I decided to stop taking the pill and my goodness, I was not prepared for the hormone overload.

With a sudden rush of hormones that my body hasn't had to produce by itself for 12 years and a few weeks of work related stressed, I only worked out when I felt well enough to which meant that my workouts were few and far between as well as being pretty rubbish and nowhere near as challenging as I’d like them to be. I felt like I was in a constant battle between “listen to your body” and “get shit done”. 

My long working days meant I wasn’t meal prepping for the following day and just grabbed anything quick for lunch and dinner...by quick, I also mean not very nutritious. I was getting home tired and I guess we've been in a bit of 'newly wed' bubble, preferring to stay at home watching netflix and eating chocolate than getting in to the gym.

I am finally starting to feel better and last week, had a whole week of training! Go me! Every session was amazing! I felt strong and fit…and almost back myself! Albeit a very bloated self. Thanks hormones.

With increased cortisol levels (stress hormone), very little exercise and too much food, your body will hold water and gain fat, it's what the human body does to look after itself…and that's where my current body is at.  

And I'll be honest, I don't feel comfortable. My clothes feel tight, my stomach has lost all definition and I finally feel like I need to do something before I lose all motivation. 

So, for the third time since returning from our honeymoon, I am FINALLY going to give myself what I am worth. I am going to fill my body with nutritious food and make time to cook and prepare my lunches. I am going to get in all of my workouts and in my next blog in November, I will be telling you all that I feel amazing and proud of myself....well, thats the plan! 

Harriet xx

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