Getting back into my routine | Guest Blog by Harriet

So, if you don’t already know who I am, I’m Harriet. A recently married health enthusiast from England.  

And there’s a reason why I snuck in the ‘recently married’ part and it isn’t to show off that someone actually wanted to marry me…

My fitness journey began 2 and a half years ago, before that I had a gym membership, dabbled in a few spin classes and went for a 5 mile run every now and again but the real journey began in 2015 when my, now Husband, got me in to weightlifting. 

I won’t lie, most of my journey has been focused on ‘getting lean’ and losing body fat and when Spencer proposed to me in October 2015, I decided to step things up a notch with both my training and my diet and by 27th July 2017, I felt like a lean princess in my white wedding dress (actually, I think it was Ivory). The day was amazing, I walked down the aisle feeling utterly gorgeous (and I don’t feel one-bit vein for saying that because that’s exactly how you SHOULD feel on your wedding day), I ate what I wanted, I drank (a lot) and soon after, we were jet setting off to the United States eating all the freebies the airline offered on a trip of a lifetime.  

Before the wedding, my routine looked a little like this – 5:30/6am fasted cardio. Work. 6pm weightlifting session in the gym sometimes followed by more cardio. Home. Dinner & prep food for following day. In bed by 9pm. And repeat 5 days a week. Weekends meant longer cardio and weightlifting sessions but more sleep and no work 😊  

Although this routine got me the body I wanted for my wedding and honeymoon, it’s not manageable in the long term. I was tracking my macros, carb cycling, increasing my calorie deficit and putting a lot of strain on my body with heavy lifts 5/6 days a week and sh** loads of cardio (pardon my French). That alongside a demanding day job, I was well and truly shattered. 

As my Instagram name suggests; ‘@Harriets_Healthy_Life’; I am a huge advocate for making health and fitness PART of your life and not letting it take over ALL of your life and I guess that’s what happened in the months leading up to the wedding. Now that we’re home and with no huge life events on the horizon that require me to be photographed from every angle, I can (finally) begin to live a life that is healthy AND maintainable. I guess I’m chasing that #balance that everyone’s talking about…

So, here’s my plan - My workouts have reduced (there really is no need for 5:30 wake up calls and double sessions every day) and my schedule is much more flexible. If I’ve had a long, stressful day at work and my Husband wants to get a take away and watch Netflix, then to hell with the workout I had planned! 

My training plan focuses on 3 heavy lift days followed by a yoga/stretching day and 2 functional training sessions that challenge my overall fitness (and stamina!) with one planned rest day in which I will go for a walk in the morning to get my mind and body ready for the day ahead. 

I’m hoping that the diversity in my workouts will keep me motivated and stop me from slacking…although I love the gym, I know that if I have no direct ‘goal’ to work towards, I end up not pushing myself. 

So, that’s me and where I’m at with my current journey and this blog will be my diary to keep you up to date with my plan, how it’s going, how I’m feeling and whether I can finally find a balance between #bodygoals and #life 

Love, Harriet x

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