How to Create the Perfect Email Address

Want to know the key steps to creating the perfect email address with all your contact information included?

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When it comes to business you’ve gotta ditch those emails you made for your MSN back in the day…remember those?

Anyways…did you know you can fit ALL your contact info in your one email address? 

I personally am still working on this myself and if anyone has upwards of $10k lying around for the WOLFECO.COM URL…please let me know and I will jump on that!

So…here’s how it’s done, you need to incorporate your contact name, social handles and website.  For example,

Having an email that has all the information about you can help people get a hold of you easily and it’s as simple as that!


Here’s your challenge:

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 First, join the Academy here: 

Vivienne Wolfe, The Academy

Next, create the perfect email address and share it with your fellow Wolfies! 

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Amanda Tyler, Founder WOLFE CO.


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