Meet Alexa | Inspiring mom, wellness blogger and determined spirit

Meet Alexa Bartimus, AKA @healthydashofsassfrom a little small town Pataskala, Ohio (our kinda girl!). 

We first came across Alexa on through her own blog series "Women who Preserver" which we just had to be a part of! We were honoured to be a part of such a great movement, one that is very near and dear to our own cause of inspiring and connecting like-minded women. Alexa might just be our spirit animal! 

Alexa shares her journey below in an inspiring tone -- make sure to follow her on Instagram for more of her story! 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you began your fitness journey? And how you go to where you are now.

A: I began my fitness journey when I was coming out of a really bad breakup, and my anxiety was really bad. I decided that I needed a change and thats when I found the Strong Chicks Rock community. Being a part of a community that pushes you not only physically but emotionally truly helped me move forward. I finally found a better path for myself and that has a lot to do with my changing my mindset and finding a fitness routine that works well for me. I still have anxiety but it’s manageable especially when I eat right and workout consistently. I think it’s important to realize that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you -- meals, exercise, down time?

A: My weeks usually are built around routine now, I am currently trying to get up earlier to be able to have some alone time before I wake my daughter up and get ready for work.. That’s a work in progress though lol. I go to work/blog during the day, then I pick up my daughter and workout in the evening, or I spend time with friends/family it just depends on the day. I also really enjoy reading so I try to do that in the evening as well. I like to meal prep on Sundays because it makes my week a lot more smoother, and it allows me to make healthier choices for me since I am constantly on the go. PLUS I save a shit ton of money and thats where its at. I drink a ton of water but I ALSO drink a lot of tea especially MATCHA.

Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you?

A: This is funny, because I actually have a tattoo that says embrace that which defines you and that means to take the good and bad and accept that both are going to happen throughout your journey. Both good and bad are shaping us into a better version of ourselves and the sooner we realize that we can learn a lot more from the situations that we are put in.

Q: Who/what are your biggest inspirations And why?

A: I think a lot of authors are my inspirations, I love self-help books and I love the inspiration I gain from them. Some of my favorites would be Jen Sincero she wrote you are a badass which was amazing, Gala Darling who wrote Radical Self Love which was so helpful, Christine Hassler who wrote Expectation Hangover, and Hal Elrod who wrote The Miracle Morning. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration, and help from these books.

Q: What are you guilty pleasures: food, music,fave workout?
A: Donuts are my guilty pleasure I will never say no to a cute/delicious donut. I LOVE music I like a little bit of everything but some of my favorites are Dierks Bentley, Pink, and Andrew Belle. I really like leg/booty workouts. However I am really focused on perfecting a handstand right now and pull ups so those are cool too.

Q: What is your process for tackling a challenge and the hard days? And, what is a challenge you have recently overcome?

A: I have learned to journal it out when I am feeling overwhelmed by a challenge, and learning on my support group this took a lot for me to start doing both of these but now I get through things a hell of a lot faster. I think I recently overcome my anxiety being out of control and to focus more on balance. Im an all or nothing type of person so sometimes I get overwhelmed quite easily. I am learning how to be still and to just let things flow.

Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?

A: TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! I know we see constantly what everyone else is doing and it’s okay to get ideas from other people, but we have to remember that we are all different and our schedules are different so we have to be mindful of this.

Q: Shoutout to anyone on Instagram? Who are your MUST follows?

So many people are inspiring to me on instagram but some of my must follows are:

Rebecca - @balancewithboo

Jamie -  @reformation_health

Rachel - @strongchicksrock

Katie - @namaskayyy

Brianna - @dizzylotus

Gabby - @gbhealth_wellness

Helen - @hushupandhustle

You - @wolfefit.co

Lisa @balancedbylisa

Meg - @manifestingmeg

Libby - @faithfullyfitarmy


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