MEET ARSINE | Inspiring babe talks fitness, pizza and consistency

Meet Arsiné (pronounced R-C-Neh) an Armenian-American from Orange County, California. She is the REAL deal, hilarious, inspiring and seriously the bomb dot com! We truly enjoy following her fitness journey, creeping her Instagram and the awesome California shots she posts. Check out her journey below and give her a follow here @hyeperformance_ti
Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you began your fitness journey? And how you got to where you are now.
A: Growing up I was always active, played basketball and went to summer sports camps but was always more on the chunkier side. After graduating school and getting my “9-5” job, is when I started gaining a lot of weight. I was sitting all day, going out for lunch all the time (definitely not ordering salads) and wasn’t hitting the gym enough.
About a year ago, I went over to my cousins’ house and I hadn’t seen my uncle for a while. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw me, he looked like he had seen a ghost, it was horrifying and he actually asked what had happened to me (I had pretty much become Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). I knew at that moment that I had absolutely lost control over my eating and workout habits and that I had to do something about it. It was about in May 2016-my 27th birthday that I started my fitness journey. I started waking up earlier, getting an intense sweat session in and started strength training. I remember waking up getting on the scale, seeing no change in numbers and getting de-motivated “Why are you doing this when nothings even happening?! Just go back to bed and sleep”. I knew going back to sleep wasn’t an option so I would just talk to my self instead of listening to those negative thoughts. “Go to the gym and put in work” and that’s exactly what I did. Sure enough, 1 year later I am down 30 pounds, LOVE LOVE LOVE working out (so much that I workout 2x a day most days) and I feel so much more confident, happy and energized.
Q: What does a typical day look like for you -- meals, exercise, down time?
A: Mornings are my jam! One, I get to have my coffee! Two, its my-me-therapy time; and by my-me therapy time… that’s my morning workout! I usually wake up around 6AM, either have some coffee or down a pre-workout then head to the gym. I usually do a 45-minute workout, which typically includes a 20 minute HIIT session and some cardio! Stairmaster is my go to…as it leaves me dripping in sweat and works that Bootay! (Hello leggings season) Working out first thing in the morning leaves you with a huge sense of accomplishment! Gets the endorphins rolling AND you will be energized throughout the entire day!
After my workout, I’ll come home and make a smoothie, filled with almond milk, spinach, protein powder and some blueberries. Lately I’ve been adding in some frozen cauliflower to get some extra veggies in, and no lie the smoothie comes out creamy and delicious! After breaky, I’ll get to work, try to guzzle a liter of water before I eat lunch. My go to lunches are zoodles sautéed with mushrooms and onions and topped with some ground turkey. One tip I’ve learned through this journey is to find 2-3 clean and healthy meals and eat them all the time; So, each week I pick the meal of the week and eat that for lunch. Not only is it good clean food for the waistline, it’s also nice to not spend $15 a day on a mediocre lunch. Home cooked meals all the way! After lunch, I’ll have a snack a few hours later before my PM workout. Usually 2 boiled eggs with some cucumbers or an apple and almonds. For my PM workout, I keep it pretty light with a 20- 30-minute cardio sesh on the treadmill on an incline, then complete the daily moves provided from Tone It Up. My PM workout is a lot more mellow than my morning workout, I mainly do it to keep my body active and energized since I have been in an office for 8 hours. After my PM workout ill have some veggies with tofu or chicken. I like to stick to greens and lean meats and if I get hungry after dinner Ill munch on some Persian cucumbers or some nuts (but I also have very self-control when I’ve got a batch of mixed nuts hanging out in my pantry). When the weather does get cooler I do love making a turmeric latte! Some almond milk, turmeric and ginger with a dab of honey will leave you with a delicious and warm drink for those chilly winter nights (you know we do get some chilly nights in cali too :P)
Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you
A: Everyone has their own journey, their own timing and their reason as to why they are doing it. To me “embrace your journey” means being happy and confident as you are now while working on a better version of yourself. This isn’t a 2 week or 1 month fix where you restrict yourself from all carbs and eat a weird combination foods. This is a lifelong journey and I love this saying so much “Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy” My journey involves breaking a sweat each and every day, eating delicious lean, clean n green meals while still being able to enjoy some Sunday funday dranks with my girlfriends and having a slice or 5 of pizza. #noregrets
Q: Who/what are your biggest inspirations And why?
A: My biggest inspirations are the hundreds of other stories I read about girls and how they have overcome depression or binge eating and how much happier they are now. I feel like I can definitely relate to them as an emotional eater. But it’s amazing how once you take control over your thoughts you can control your mind, then in turn your body. I also feel like you have to be your own inspiration. The best project you will work on is yourself! So get to working girl!
Q: What are you guilty pleasures: food, music, fave workout?
A: I loveeee iced coffee and frozen yogurt. I can eat both year-round. Sometimes when I’m not in the best mood to hit the gym, I’ll grab a coffee to perk myself up and that usually will help me get my booty to the gym! You can do this with any of your “guilty pleasure”. Get that workout in, then treat yo self to that delicious coffee or smoothie from down the street or maybe get wild and buy some new leggings. Having a BOMB playlist is also very essential for your workouts. My playlists usually consist of hip hop music. Hip Hop music just gets the blood flowing, especially when I’m doing a HIIT workout or on the Stairmaster. Sounds so cliché but Eminem “Lose Yourself” always hits hard.
Q: What is your process for tackling a challenge and the hard days? And, what is a challenge you have recently overcome?
A: Every day is a challenge, but some days are harder than others. I think the biggest challenge is with food. I am a member of the #Fatkidsclub, but I sure as hell know that that donut at 9AM isn’t going to provide me any nutrition nor is it going to make me feel good; So dealing with daily food choices is the biggest challenge; however, I recently read a book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. (Recommended read) The book talks about how humans can re-wire the neurons in their brain to create new daily habits that can replace the old toxic ones. One section that struck to me the most out of the book was about willpower. They say that will power is a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. And that is so so true. When you practice saying no to the things that will derail you from your goals you are strengthening that will power. Then you start practicing new and healthy daily habits that will get you to reach your goals. It’s your daily habits that will eventually accumulate and lead you to your success.
Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?
A: Just start, start where-ever you are and don’t ever stop. CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE are key. Countless mornings I would wake up, see no change in the mirror and still get my ass to the gym and sure enough with hard work and patience things will start to change. Don’t ever give up on yourself and always always self-motivate. You are your biggest fan, your own cheerleader and your own coach. Always talk to yourself and feed it positive and encouraging thoughts. You are worth it and totally capable of doing anything you put your mind to. It all comes down to how bad you want it!
Q: Shoutout to anyone on Instagram? Who are your MUST follows?
A: Huge shout out to the girls from Tone It Up, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. From the workouts they post, to the healthy and delicious recipes they share, to the huge community they have created they truly have inspired and transformed me inside and out. Some other must follows I would say are Liz Holtz and Michelle Lewin. They are just these strong and beautiful girls who can kick ass. #Goals

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