Meet Ashley | Texan, fitness coach and marathon runner!

Meet Ashley Lock, originally from Tulsa now living in Texas. Ashley is a marathon runner, babe supporter and a health and fitness coach. Her transformation has been significant and inspiring (you can check it out below), and her positive attitude radiates through this Q & A, as well on her Instagram page @ashlockfitness. Check out her fitness and wellness journey below! 
Q: What does a typical day look like for you -- meals, exercise, down time? 
A: So a typical day starts with drinking pre-work out and getting my work out in first thing! I am very much a morning gal. Then I go to work at the office as I am a dental hygienist! I work Monday through Thursday and do my fitness coaching on the side virtually. When I get home from work I eat dinner and relax with my sweet husband. We try to keep most of our outings  to the weekend so we can just relax/cook  together on the week nights! 
Q: Who/what inspires you? 
A: I am inspired by people who really push themselves to be their best. The head coaches on my team, Danielle and Mackenzie, inspire me to be unafraid in sharing your fitness journey and helping others. I am also inspired by a best friend of mine who is so on fire with passion for her job that she literally gives 100% everyday. She's a teacher and always is just giving of herself. She goes above and beyond in almost being a mentor to her students. It's truly amazing! 
Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you?
A: To me, this means that you know that you will have ups and downs with your fitness journey and just your journey in life. You have to embrace the good with the bad. You have to strive for progress and not being perfect. You have to realize that you will mess up sometimes and not to beat yourself up, and that's a part of embracing it all!! 
Q: What is your process for tackling the challenging days when you'd rather just not?
A: Well, one of the biggest things for me that helps me overcome challenging days is accountability! Since I do help to coach other women in the area of health and fitness, it is much more impacting than on just myself if I really "fall of the tracks". I just remind myself I will feel much better after I do my work out ;). 
Q: Biggest guilty pleasure food, song and TV show?
A: Mexican food/ margaritas are definitely my biggest guilty pleasure food!! Texas has a lot of great Mexican food so that makes it hard, ha! 
As far as songs go, anything Ariana Grande is really my "guilty" pleasure tunes ;). Her voice is just amazing, but her songs are a bit raunchy at times, ya know ?! 
For TV shows, it's definitely Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise!! My husband and I get way to into these shows- ha!!
Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?
A: DO NOT COMPARE. This is the biggest thing that will detail and discourage you in your fitness journey. If you must compare with someone, compare with YOU!! You are in charge of you! Try to make it fun and don't put so much pressure to look a certain way. If you follow a work out program and clean up your eating, you will see results! Trust the process and love yourself enough to stick to your commitments!! 

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