Meet Christina | Transformed by fitness, this Toronto babe shares her journey to fit

I have been reaching out to inspiring women (and a couple men) we follow on Instagram asking if they will share their story with the WOLFE platform, our followers and the fitness community.  I wanted to hear all about their amazing fitness journeys, challenges they have overcome and how they have really embraced the entire process in hopes of inspiring others!
I really wanted to connect women who are on a similar path and feel as though they need a little inspiration, pump-up or pep-talk to keep on keeping on! The response we received was incredible, and we are thrilled to share another inspiring and heartfelt Q & A by @fitchristina
Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about your fitness journey and why you started?
A: Honestly, I got into fitness last year as an outlet because at the time I was in a pretty deep rut - with my education, with some personal relationships, and with my mental health. Sure, I wanted to lose the 20 pounds I had inadvertently packed on while living in Montréal away from home for the first time (consistent Friday night pizza deliveries will do that to a girl, ha!), but it was about so much more than that. At the time, I was dealing with an on-again-off-again long-term relationship, and when I returned to Toronto for teacher’s college, my mental health only deteriorated as I trudged through a postsecondary program that I quickly realized was not the right fit for me. I’d say I went through a mild phase of depression last year that lasted about 4-5 months, and when you combine that with a sluggish, unhealthy body and bad eating habits, it seemed a recipe for disaster. Looking back on it all now, I’m so, so very grateful I discovered fitness at the time that I did - I feel like fitness not only saved my life but transformed it for the better! I can confidently say I’m so much happier now and excited for whatever the future holds for me!
Q: What have you learned about yourself along the way?
A: The best thing I have learned about myself during my fitness journey is that you can train your body, which was once weak and unable, to do some pretty amazing things you never thought it could do! Within six months, I went from being a girl who could barely curl a 10-pound dumbbell or do a proper squat, to a girl who can confidently dead lift and squat more than her own body weight. What’s more empowering than that?! Plus, the patience, discipline, consistency and overall commitment you must make to continually progress in your fitness journey are all valuable qualities that build character - I’ve learned to apply them to other aspects of my life, like school, work, and relationships.
Q: What is the message you want to share with other women on their fitness journey?
A: GIVE. IT. TIME. I know everyone in the fitness community seems to always be preaching this message, but it simply can’t be said enough as I think the majority of people who try to start a fitness routine give up too quickly to ever see any results. You have to give it at least 2-3 months of consistent, honest effort before you see truly noticeable results. Ladies, push through until you hit that 3-month mark, because I promise you, once you finally start to see your body transforming, the process will become addictive in the best possible way. Trust the process and be patient - nothing worth having ever comes easily!
Q: Who are your biggest inspirations on Instagram?
A: Oh gosh, is it possible to narrow it down to just a few?! Okay, okay, let me try to rattle off a quick list of a bunch of women I find inspiring on the Gram: Ana Cheri, Linn Löwes, Tammy Hembrow, Katy Hearn, and Ally Stone, all for different reasons aside from just fitness and their bomb ass figures. For example, Tammy Hembrow inspires me with her amazing sense of style and beautiful little family, while Katy Hearn inspires me because she opened her own gym recently and generally seems like a smart businesswoman. Ally Stone posts thought-provoking content that always keeps it real and raw in an industry that’s too often filled with fake people, and I respect her immensely for it.
Q: What is one thing you hate seeing on Instagram from fitness people?
A: Bouncing off my last point from the previous question, it’s the fakeness that seems to saturate the online fitness community. I don’t say that to trash the fitness community as a whole because I absolutely love the sense of connection and support I’ve received in such a short time since creating my own account, @fitchristina. However, there always seems to be yet another person lurking around the corner hoping to make a quick buck off of you, trying to sell you supplements you don’t need or trying to get a “followback” without ever having any intention of genuinely interacting with you. This is just so meaningless to me - large numbers can be great, don’t get me wrong, but what good are they if you’re not even going to interact with us? It’s a social platform - socialize and get to know people, it makes the experience so much more fun! :)
Q: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone on Instagram?
A: Well hey, this isn’t quite fitness-related (or on Instagram technically - oops!) but I would love to give a shout out to my lifelong bestie Alex’s YouTube channel, alexintranslation. I’ve been supporting her since day one with this creative outlet of hers and she’s almost at 500 subscribers. She posts quirky comedy videos, sketches about life in a Greek family, and runs a “Tipsy Gameplay” series. Yours truly just happens to feature in a few of them, so feel free to go check ‘em out and leave her a lovely comment saying Christina sent you. ;)
Christina's story is amazing, she definitely fits the #girlboss category and we are so thankful she shared her journey with us. More to come from Christina in the future! Don't forget to give her a follow on Instagram >>> @fitchristina

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