Meet Emilee | Coach, Teacher and Happiness Spreader

What do we love about Emilee? Everything! But seriously, this woman's positive attitude is contagious. She is the epitome of everything we are trying to do at WOLFE FIT -- inspiring and teaching women to embrace their journey.

Sure, you can do a quick fix to get ready for an event/vacation, but in order to REALLY make a change in not only your physical appearance, but your soul and mindset, one must consider their fitness journey as a lifestyle change and on going process of progress (not perfection)! With that said, see below for Emilee's story and how she is living her purpose. 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you began your fitness journey?

A: Sure!! So, I was never very active in high school and throughout college. I hated running (still do quite honestly, haha), I didn't enjoy being outside, and I was never into sports. When I got to college, I was determined not to gain the "freshman 15" so I tried to workout. Key word there being: tried. We had a very nice gym at my school, but I would walk in there completely unsure what to do and my "gym time" usually consisted of 30 minutes on the stationary bike and some sit ups. It wasn't enough to ever see any sort of progress, but I guess it was better than nothing at all.

Then I turned 21 - like most that age, I became succumbed to the world of alcohol, parties, and bars. I was going out every weekend, sometimes twice, and really just spending too much time with alcohol. I had tried to remain fairly healthy with my diet and working out regularly. I had finally found app on my phone that showed me different workouts to work different muscles. One step closer! But nothing ever changed because I was still living that party life.

During my last year and a half of school, I started working at a local restaurant to earn some extra money. I really enjoyed the job and made some life-long friends (which was something I had not had my entire college career yet). If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know it can be very chaotic, with little time to sit down or eat, you don't get a break, and you're surrounded by greasy food all day long. Eventually I got sucked into that lifestyle and was drinking regularly after work, consuming chicken fingers and french fries almost every shift, and overall just treating my body like crap. I wasn't sleeping and I wasn't feeling like myself.

This went on for several months until January of 2016. I was finished with college, still working at the restaurant, and still eating chicken fingers and french fries regularly. On top of that, I was dealing with some anxiety issues (something I had never struggled with before) over a guy and feeling unfulfilled in my life. So I tried to rid the thoughts with alcohol and eventually was drinking wine by the bottle several days throughout the week.

One morning, I had woken up and decided enough was enough. I felt like crap, I had no energy, I was sluggish, and I was starting to hate what I saw in the mirror more and more every day. Remember that freshman 15? I didn't gain it my freshman year, but I sure did my super duper senior year. I stumbled upon Kayla Itsine's Instagram page and fell in love with what she was doing! I started BBG using her Sweat app and soon it because a part of my life. I cleaned up my diet, I was working out 6 days per week at the gym, and I wasn't consuming alcohol.

I continued with this for several months and was very proud of myself for how consistent I was! I was seeing changes in my body, I was sleeping better, and I overall FELT better! Throughout this time I had been following coach_cristal on Instagram for several years. In June of 2016, I saw that she was hosting a virtual bootcamp to help other women stay accountable for their health & fitness goals. I had hit a rut in my journey and was really just bored with what I was doing, so I decided to try something new. I commented on her post and told her I was interested. She immediately sent me an email, wanted to know more about me and my goals, and I just loved the vibe she was giving off. I could tell she really cared about me (me, a complete stranger!) and wanted to do everything she could to help me on my journey. Without hesitation, I signed up and joined her bootcamp.

I had a brand new workout program, 21 Day Fix Extreme, that I could do right from home in just 30 minutes, a meal plan, and daily support & accountability. I was hooked. I stopped going to the gym and started working out entirely from home. Alcohol was a thing of the past and healthy foods were the norm for me. This has stayed true in my life since.

A couple weeks into the bootcamp, Cristal reached out to me and asked me if I had ever considered being a coach and helping others reach their goals. Since I had been watching her on Instagram for years and now I was working with her, I knew it was something that I would love and I signed up shortly after that!!

I was hooked on the idea of bettering myself every single day, while also helping others do the same. I've never looked back. I'm the happiest and healthiest I've ever been. Now I'm a health & fitness coach,and my mission is to teach & inspire others to live their healthiest & happiest life <3

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: My ultimate goal is to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. This is a lifestyle for me and I intend on maintaining it throughout the rest of my life. I want to continue to grow in my journey and work on myself every single day. I want to be an inspiration for my future children and family. I know that one day my kids will be watching and I want to set a good example for them so that they don't ever have to know what it's like to feel like crap every day and to hate your body. By making this my lifestyle, I don't ever have to worry about a "diet" and that is really refreshing to me.

Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you?

A: That's a great question! Hmm, to me, embrace your journey means to own every part of it. Own the difficulties and own the challenges, just as much as you own your successes. Those challenges are part of the journey and they are going to help you get to your goal. This isn't an easy journey, but it's a necessary one, and you have to own every part of it -- the easy and the difficult. You have to look at every part of your journey and recognize that each part brought you to where you are today. Each part of your journey has made you stronger whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. So own it, because this journey is yours and you should enjoy it.

Q: Who/What are your biggest inspirations and why?

A: I would say my number one inspiration throughout my entire journey has been my coach, my mentor, and my friend, Cristal. She believed in me from the very beginning and if it weren't for her, I don't believe I would still be on this journey. I'm a notorious quitter and I new once I was getting bored of BBG that I needed to find something new or I would result right back to my past lifestyle. Cristal introduced me to a whole new realm of health & fitness. She taught me one very crucial thing that I was missing: the importance of self-love and being kind to yourself <3 I was taking care of myself physically, but I was missing the emotional piece. I didn't love who I was, but she helped me with that and so much more. She brought me into a community of badass women who live out their passion of helping others while bettering themselves every single day. That is inspiration to me: Anybody who is working on themselves and helping everyone around them do the same. We don't have to do this journey alone and having a community of women like this to keep me inspired has been a life-changing part of my journey.

Q: What is your process for tackling a challenge and the hard days?

A: Honestly, this is something I'm working on every single day. I love chocolate and chips, so sometimes when I'm stressed out or having a rough day, I will result to eating too much. But I have started to recognize how I feel after these moments and it's never better than before. So reminding myself that whatever I am feeling is temporary, so I don't need to live in this temporary moment. I've started meditating, doing yoga, or journaling. I have found that these things help me clear my mind, while doing something positive for myself. I will text or call a friend to talk about how I'm feeling, and sometimes I just get up and do the thing that I'm afraid of! Typically once I start working through that challenge, it gets easier. I'm not perfect and some days I indulge in the bag of chips instead, but it's a learning process, and every day gets better and better.

Q. How do you come up with your fitness routines for the week?

A: I don't!! That's the beautiful thing about Beachbody. They truly make it as easy as possible for you and you're left with no excuses. I will do a 30-day program or a 60-day program and follow the workout schedule provided. I never have to wonder what I'm doing because it's all done for me. I just turn on my computer and press play :)

Q. A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?

A: Give yourself grace. Not every day is going to be perfect and you can't beat yourself up for it. We are going to hit bumps in the road along the way and that's okay. That's part of the journey. You're learning and you're growing. Your goal should be to be better than you were yesterday, not perfect.

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