Stuff happens so the shift can happen // guest blog by Heather

Guest Blog by Heather of @bossbabehair_heather
When I was younger, ya know those awkward middle school years when your Mom still cuts your bangs (unevenly, I might add.)? I was shy and introverted speckled with an intense case of awkward and clumsy.
I remember vividly one day, my librarian came over to my usual hang out spot and said, “Honey, the TV Production class would be good for you. You should sign up.” In my mind, sirens were going off. That’s literally the opposite of everything that feels natural and right in my 13 year old body.
Why would I want to cause attention to myself? I mulled it over and sure enough, I sucked it up and enrolled in that class, facing my fears head on. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.
It helped me come out of my shell and evolve and I worked my butt off for the next 8 years to go to college, graduate with my Communications degree early and land my first job in TV News at the age of 21.
For nearly 8 years I worked tirelessly. I worked undesirable shifts and long hours and I made very little doing it. However, I was fulfilled knowing that this dream of mine that I decided on at age 16 was a reality. I was the few people who said they were going to do something and did it. I was a success, right?
Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the blood, sweat and tears I put into being a journalist, and as I look back, I know that I ended my career on a high note. It was the first time in my life though that I had no idea what I was going to do next.
I was terrified. This career… being a news anchor and reporter was all I had known since 13. It was all I had ever wanted, it was all I had ever imagined myself doing. Talk about taking the express lane to an identity crisis.
So I packed up my life and moved back to Florida and settled down. I got a corporate job doing sales. It was “normal” and it was safe. Three and a half years passed by in the blink of an eye.
Then six months ago it hit me, “why the f*&k am I putting up with this?” I was working at a job that “on paper” was amazing. You know that pros-cons list you did for deciding which college you were going to go to or whether or not you needed to break things off with your boyfriend.
Well on paper lets just say the positives side of the job would be Harvard level or in the man realm, Ryan Reynolds. (Yummy.)
It had all the perks: the company car, gas card, matching 401k, great medical and financial compensation. I was comfortable financially for the first time in my life. Great, right?  At first I kept asking myself, “why can’t I be happy with this? Why isn’t this enough for me?” And the short answer is, it just wasn’t.
It didn’t speak to my heart and I didn’t feel like I was making a difference. I knew that I deserved better, I deserved MORE. I always had high expectations for myself and my relationships, so why was I finding myself complacent accepting “not that great” for my career.
Once I accepted that I needed a change, which to me was the hardest decision, my mind was set. And let me tell you, I wanted to have a Jerry McQuire-esque moment where I left in a blaze of glory, but the reality was it was less dramatic and slightly more gracious of an exit.
This all leads to this momentous chapter I’m in now. February 1, 2018 started this new chapter in this weird and odd book called ‘Life.’ I said good bye to corporate America and hello to entrepreneurship and self exploration.
It’s exhilarating, overwhelming and also a lot of just figuring *ish out. Most days I can be found in workout clothes hanging with my assistant, Zoe. (Full disclosure: Zoe is my dog and she’s a terrible assistant.)
In my first week, I have been on task and on schedule. We all know it’s a slippery slope to finding yourself in the Netflix black hole where you realize you’re 5 hours deep into Grace and Frankie.
I’m grateful beyond words that I have this time to focus to stop, reflect and create a plan of complete world domination. Or at least domination in my realms of photography and hair care.
I am working professionally as a family and maternity photographer in Jacksonville, Florida alongside my amazingly talented boyfriend (he’s a photoshop ninja and talented 3D artist @shredographer) and I have my own franchise where I get to change people’s hair and lives every day.
That’s powerful!
Photography is my creative outlet these days, but learning to nurture my own business is bringing me so much joy. I get satisfaction not just from helping my customers overcome their biggest hair challenges and get the best and healthiest hair of their life, but I also get to recruit bomb-ass women to my team and link arms with them, helping them create the success of their own company alongside me.
My heart is overflowing with gratitude that THIS is my life now. I almost have to pinch myself sometimes. Yes, I get overwhelmed with prioritizing my never ending to-do list, but I am creating my success on my terms, my way. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
In my nearly 32 years of life, I’ve held the title of door to door sales woman, news anchor, reporter, writer, editor, photographer. I’ve sold elevators and now I sell shampoo.
Finding your life’s purpose isn’t easy. It takes tenacity, self introspection and time. It shouldn’t be rushed. I hope you realize that each job title, each stepping stone, each journey is leading you to the person you are destined to be.
I pray that you find your path the way that I have found mine. Remember, sometimes shit happens so the shift can happen.
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