Meet Lisa | Health food blogger and social media influencer

Meet Lisa from New Jersey, lovely Lisa! She is just that and has the most bomb dot com Instagram feed we have seen in a while when it comes to homemade healthy recipes! Seriously though, she is a must follow when it comes to the health and wellness community and is a HUGE inspiration to not only us but her healthy following too! Lisa shares her health and fitness journey below -- check it out! 
Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your account and how you got into wellness and meal prep?
A: I'm a health food blogger / social media influencer. I'm 23 years old and super passionate about wellness, cooking, fitness, and beauty. I'm engaged to my best friend and we just bought our first home so I'm really loving life at the moment. Home design is also a new found passion of mine as well. I go into depth more on my bio in my blog on how I found myself on this health journey but here's the short story. I'm a dog mama, and when I got my puppy I started becoming very concerned in the food I was feeding her which lead me to begin making my own homemade dog food. One day I woke up and thought ... maybe I should be this concerned about what the hell I'm putting in my own body. I began reading about organic foods, watching vegan documentaries and learning all about companies like Monsanto. After that I never went back. I wanted to be in control of what goes into my body and get my health on track. I've been on this journey since 2013 and I cannot imagine living any other way!
Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you?
A: For me, the term embrace your journey means to accept every single phase that you go through. You have to take the good with the bad. Figure out your likes and dislikes. Change your mind. Have fun. Ingest the good and reject the bad. You'll eventually find your own zen and balance when it's meant to be found.
Q: What are your guilty pleasures: food, music, celebrity crush, fave workout?
Food: burgers
Music: throwback emo music 
Celeb: Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins-Friday Night Lights)
Workout: Spin/Cycle classes
Q: Top tips for plating and photographing food?
A: Always have natural lighting and a clean slate to plate on. Keep it simple and bright to make your food stand out.
(I can send a pic tomorrow when I have natural light in my kitchen!)
Q: Whats in your fridge?
A: Staples: kale, kombucha, homemade nut milk, eating evolved chocolate, sauerkraut, pasture raised eggs
Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?
A: Stop comparing your body to others. Let your journey be YOUR journey. Self love is the most important thing.
Q: Shoutout to anyone on Instagram? who are your MUST follows?
We would like to thank Lisa for sharing her story with our WOLFE community and continuing to inspire us with her awesome recipes! We have some exciting news -- Lisa will be GUEST BLOGGING for us on a more regular basis and we couldn't be more thrilled! Welcome to the WOLFE pack of babes girl! 
Next week story is from Taryn of @tarynfitandchic

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