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Meet Melissa, AKA @thechicdelight from Ventura, CA now living in Charlotte, NC. We couldn't agree more with her perspective on the positives and negatives of Instagram and how to be happy and focused on your own journey. Check out her delightful and informative Q & A below, we are thrilled to share her story.
A typical day for me is never truly typical haha. I am a critical care nurse so I only work three days a week, but they are never the same three days, so my day to day life is truly very random and dependent upon if its a weekend or not a weekend. I will try and give you the best idea I can though! Let's start with meals. My breakfast typically consists of either a protein shake (I use Arbonne protein) or eggs and bacon. I usually have a snack around 10-10:30 consisting of carrots and hummus, a yogurt, or a homemade protein bar. Lunch is always different. If I am at the hospital I will grab something from the cafeteria, otherwise I stick to leftovers. Dinner is unique because my husband doesn't eat fruits or vegetables (I know, right?), so we are trying to balance that with my needs while allowing him to experiment without too much pressure. We typically will have fish, chicken, or beef with a veggie and a complex carb (brown rice, brown rice pasta, a roll if John is lucky ...)
If I am perfectly honest, my diet is not the best. It is definitely something I am working on and hoping to improve, but I love trying new restaurants and I LOVE cheese tortellini, so its a work in progress. When I am grocery shopping I always try to look at ingredients and use products where I recognize most ingredients in. We do not eat entirely organic because we try to stick to a stringent budget in regards to groceries, but I buy those products that matter most in that regards.
Fitness for me also varies a lot. I ran track and field in college, so working out has always been important to me. My current program includes three days of Kayla Itsines app Sweat with Kayla, one day of running, one fun workout with John, one class day, and one rest day. That way I always keep my body guessing and never get sick of my routine. Other than fitness, I have recently started a fashion-oriented blog called The Chic Delight where I am hoping to integrate my passion for fitness, fashion, and life into one spot. Then, when I am not working on that I love spending time with our new friends in Charlotte, dinner dates with my husband, and ALWAYS family time. I am also a caffeine addict so I love to try new coffee shops as well.
To be honest my family inspires me the most. My husband has always been dedicated to his workouts and always helps to keep me motivated when I feel like taking a day off and then my sisters and mom (I am the baby of four girls) are always great motivators. They are all so determined and never cease to amaze me. They are also really helpful when I need a workout buddy or a recipe idea. Other than that, my fitness community has been a true inspiration. I see so many women with lives that are far more complicated than mine making the effort to get their workout in. My thought is always, "If they can do it with three kids, then I can do it too!" I never thought my fitness account would be such an amazing blessing, but it has allowed me to meet some of the best people and has open doors that I never thought I could open.
The term "embrace your journey" is basically my mantra for life! We all live such different lives and although Instagram can be great for motivation, it can also lower self-confidence and bring out negativity within us because we tend to compare ourselves to others. I've had to remind myself so many times in the beginning that their life is not my life and that their journey is not my journey.
Devotion to fitness and health is not easy and sometimes when we scroll there are some people who truly make it look like it happened over night, but it didn't. That person made conscious choice after conscious choice to put health first no matter what was happening and that is what you have to do in order to gain the results so many are after. However, life does happens and that is what is so beautiful.Sometimes we get so caught up in some end game, but for me there is no end game, this is the life I want to live with fitness and health as a priority. There may be times in my life (for example an injury or major life change) that will affect my journey, but I just have to remind myself to take the time I need and continue to control what I can control.
In order to tackle those days that I just don't feel like doing it, I either scroll my feed and look at all of the inspiring women, complain to my husband so that he forces me to get up,  and/or turn on a good song and tell myself to just get dressed and then see how I feel. Sometimes I just need to put on my favourite tunes and my best shoes and then I am more than ready. If none of those things work, I try to remind myself of my goals and why I am doing what I am doing. 
Food - cheese tortellini with Alfredo sauce.
Song - currently Slow Hands by Niall Horan.
TV show - all things Housewives on Bravo
Best advice I could offer someone on their fitness journey is to remember it is a journey. There will be ups and downs, stops and goes, progress and failure, but that is all okay because we are all different and lead different lives and have different stories to tell. Just remember to be you and that your journey is your own and no one else can affect or take that away from you. Also, find an excellent group of people with similar goals. Working out with a buddy is the absolute best and I have created some amazing friendships because of it.
We couldn't agree more with Melissa's Q&A and her perspective on embracing your journey is spot on. Just keep going babes, and focus on your own path :)

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