Meet Nielle | Wellness, Bikram and The Fray, see how these are connected!

Meet Nielle from Idaho, but transplanted to Utah! Nielle has recently joined as one of our regular guest bloggers but we wanted to introduce her to all of your first! Check out her wellness journey below, what inspires her, her guilty pleasures and who her must follows are below. This gal is super inspiring and has some great words of advice for those on their own journey. 
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Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you began your fitness journey? And how you got to where you are now.
A: Fitness has always been a part of my life, I grew up playing sports and then that turned into weight lifting and exercising. After a pretty intense hamstring tear before I started college, I had a hard time getting back into the routine of exercising. I would do really well for a bit, and then lose interest. I studied Exercise & Wellness in college, but the real lightbulb moment came when I let go of a lot of preconceptions I had about what I "should" do. I let go of the hours spent on a treadmill or stair stepper and embraced the long walks, yoga sessions, and weight lifting. I had to find movement that was positive, rather than a punishment or something I dreaded. If I do something it's because I want to, not because I "should".
Q: What does a typical day look like for you -- meals, exercise, down time?
A: A typical day starts with a Crio Brü Rocket Fuel Latte (see my feed for recipe), then I hit my commute to work and listen to tunes, or podcasts. Truthfully, I love mornings for those two reasons!
My breakfast is something simple and with lots of yummy fats, think avo, eggs, bacon, TJ's Multigrain Crispbread! Lunch can vary, I love to mix it up, but I get in lots of greens! Dinner might include a carb up with some sweet potatoes, rice, or another helping of veggies. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a nightcap of dark chocolate drizzled with melted coconut butter! 🤤
Every Tuesday & Thursday I join my coworkers for a 30-minute yoga blast, once a week I play in a coed volleyball league, and I mix it up with weights, hiking, at-home workouts, and my truest love, BIKRAM for the rest of the days.
After work I moonlight as an entrepreneur building a business with my brother. Downtime is fleeting because of that, but any spare minute I get is spent with amazing husband. Netflix, anyone?

Q: What does the term "embrace your journey" mean to you?
A: Every individual is shaped by their experience. Their experience makes them unique, unlike anyone else. Each person's journey is equally unique, and this is the most important thing to remember--that your journey will never look the same as someone else's. I've battled this over and over again in different facets of my life, but the same truth remains. So I'm left to accept and rely on the fact that my journey is mine and mine alone. I started by unfollowing any account with which I was comparing myself, I meditate daily, I give myself the bandwidth to fluctuate and grow, and forgive myself for being human! My journey will never look how I want it to, but that's no reason to give up on myself.
Q: Who/what are your biggest inspirations And why?
A: I'm truly inspired by anyone and everyone once I take the time to consider their story. Most recently I ran into my Instagram friend, Marisa (@sintortillaporfavor) at our local Sprouts and she talked to me about her journey. She is an inspiration to me!! Her story gave me courage and confidence! People like her inspire me because of their willingness to share about their personal journey!
My life is full of countless people whose perseverance gives me hope, but I'm inspired by people who try in spite of challenges, who succeed in spite of previous failure.

Q: What are you guilty pleasures: food, music,fave workout?
A: Guilt is a funny thing. I don't guilt myself about my choices because for me, guilt is an indicator that I've done something "wrong", but most of the time that comes from someone else's definition... That said, here are the things that other people would probably judge me for 🤣
Food: I love popcorn. There, I said it. I try to abstain, but I sneak it in as a carb up and I don't feel a bit bad about it.
Music: I will never stop listening to The Fray. I know there is better music out there and I enjoy a lot of different kinds, but The Fray is an all-time favorite.
Workout: I love me some Insanity with Shaun T. The man is amazing, how can anyone deny it?

Q: What is your process for tackling a challenge and the hard days? And, what is a challenge you have recently overcome?
A: Breathe through it, face it, and lean in. First I meditate on the challenge (I'm religious so I pray about it) and I analyze it. Whether I find a solution or not, I have to face whatever is coming my way, and that means putting aside whatever fear might be there. I have to trust that it will work out alright. I then choose to lean it. Take the risk, embrace the challenge, and deal with it.
Recently I left my job after several bad months. It was terrifying to leave a secure place, even though it had become hostile and unhealthy. After weeks of mediation and preparing to face my challenge, I chose my hope over my fear. I quit. And then, I applied to a hundred jobs, I took a vacation for some self-care, I worked on my side business, and I leaned in. Turns out, my hope carried me through.
Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give others on their fitness journey?
A: "Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other." Thomas S. Monson
Please do not give up on yourself. There are a million reasons to do so, but they all are based in fear. I've been ruled by fear, and each time I let that fear go, I'm surprised by the beauty that unfolds before me.

Q: Shoutout to anyone on Instagram? Who are your MUST follows?
All my Wolfe Fit Girls!!
I love @katiecrewe and @athlete__daily for fitness tips
For food I follow
For laughs I follow @betches 

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