Meet PK | Cross fit babe, mother and kickin' ass

Paruchana Ko or PK > @pk_fitjourney as we like to call her is first and foremost one of the the most beautiful cross fit souls we have every come across! Her posts and captions are so inspiring and we admire her love and appreciation for family and friends! Check out her story below and what 'Embrace your Journey' means to her!

Q: Tell us about your story and fitness journey.

A: I'm originated from Thailand. I met my husband over there. He got transferred to Bangkok to station there for 2 years and I worked in a different department. After we got married, we moved to California, as to where my husband stationed (he's in military) we relocated to a different state a year after I had my daughter and that's when I kind of let myself go. I didn't care much about myself or my health. I never exercised in my life and never care to eat healthy either. Years later, I discovered that I have Hypothyroidism. I gained a lot of weight. Also, I worked in a Law Firm, where I sat at my desk for 8 hours, eat, drink, snacks, everything for hours. I almost never moved or walk anywhere except the copy room, bathroom, or break room.
I suffered migraines and high blood pressure as well. I was on couples of medications and didn't like how I felt about my health at the time. So I decided to do something about it. So I started to run, cut down alcohol, soda, and sweets. It was very hard at the 1st 3 months. I continue to run every night. 50 minutes to 1 hour, for 5 nights a week. I lost all of the unwanted weight, but still not in shape. Whenever holidays come, I eat and drink and stop running. I gained all the weight back. That's when my husband came in to help. I started bodyweight training. He bought me a 15 minutes workout book (my attitude about fitness was really off 4 years ago) he also bought dumbbells, kettle bells, etc. to help me get back in shape and that I can workout at home. I had been doing it on my own for a year, but I still carry on the same bad habits of eating junk food, cupcakes, donuts, soda, and beer. I lost weight, but cannot get rid of my belly fat, so I set a goal to get rid it. Was it for a bikini body, I wasn't sure. I was hoping to get back into old favourite pair of skinny jeans :) but that was then. Now I have a different ideas and goals in my fit journey!
I started to joined the gym and did some group workout. I did cardio kickboxing and kick boxing for over a year, then someone at the gym convinced me to try Crossfit. That person opened a new door to my fitness journey. I loved it! I fell in love with Olympic liftings and strength training program! hight intensity interval training program forced me into a new eating habits. I started to eat clean, cut down sugar and gave soda for good and for the first time in my life. I feel great, feel stronger, and look better. I no longer have health problems. No more medication and Hypothyroidism is now gone for good.

Q: What do you hope to achieve through your fitness journey?

A. My ultimate goal is to become a certified fitness trainer or Level 1 Crossit trainer (maybe) I planned to pursue a career in this field, where I get paid to workout as well as helping others reach their fitness goals. I planned on studying in this field to excel in my strength and skills as well.
Q: What does the term 'Embrace your Journey' mean to you?

A: Embrace your journey is to love what you are doing and believe in yourself first! I know it sounds corny! I convinced myself that I'm doing a positive thing for myself. Many people are laughing at me or criticizing me, but I never laugh at myself. Make lists of Pros and Cons. The lists told me that I have to go for it. So I went for it and embraced it! I think I have set a good example for my daughter as well. And that's great, isn't it?
Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration is my former co-worker. I'm not sure if I can mention her full name here. Her name is "Melonie" She's the one who inspired me to change my life style. She's a cancer survivor! A mother of two. She also a Yoga  and Zumba instructor. She's tough and strong, she always brought some healthy snacks and energy booster type of smoothies to work every day. She always said "do it girl, it's your body and you have to live with it until the day you die. Trust me, the result is so worth it!" and she's right! It's so worth it ;)

Q: What do you do or where do you turn to get through the tough days?

A: What can I say? Working out is my therapy. On the hard day, I have to be tough on myself! I go to the gym on a bad day, and come home with a big smile on my face. But that's only when I'm in good health though. I underwent surgery in May of 2016. I was bed rest for 3 weeks straight. That's was hard for me. Unable to train for 10 weeks. All I can think about was to workout, to lift weights, and run with the crew. I disconnected to a fit life for 2 and a half months. I almost give up and quit doing Crossfit. I went back to training and got hurt, then I have to take another break. That's when I started to feel depressed and lazy. The old me almost take over my brain. Luckily, the old me didn't win. A strict diet and maintaining on good attitude are important. I have to surround myself with people like me in order to be disciplined and focus on coming back. Remember how you started and how hard it was. Then you won't feel like giving up!
Q: How did you get into Crossfit?

A: I was skeptical at first about Crossfit. I often said "I don't need to do such hard and crazy workout to stay fit", or "I don't think Crossfit is for me" Haha! My husband had been trying to get me into Crossfit with him long time ago, but I refused to even go watch him doing Crossfit! I don't like my man telling me what to do. Lol! I also hate to admit that he's right! The reason I tried Crossfit that because the gym that I'm training has cancelled cardio kickboxing program and I needed to workout in order to maintain my body. At first, I hated it! But I felt like I had no choice but to keep trying. I thought I was fit, but Crossfit is a whoLe another level of fitness. Then it became a challenge for me.  Some days I killed the workout, but some day the workout killed me! After I've been doing Crossfit for 4 months. One day, I spotted six pack. SICK PACK!!!!! I dreamt of having flat stomach for years!! I workout religiously, but never have nice set of abs before. It works!!! The hard part is to admit that my hubby was right! :) Not only abs, I  gained! also my arm legs, and....... nicer booty!!!! And not to mention that I'm freakishly stronger. I'm 38 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life. First, I have to admit that I did it for the appearance, but after a while-- my goal has changed.

Q: A piece of advice you'd like to give to others on their fitness journey.

A: I see myself as a new person, a better one. My attitude about life has changed. Once I second guess myself, I start making excuses. I looked back to where I started, I feel like I have come so far-- it such a shame to stop it now. I applaud myself and gave myself a little pat in the back sometimes when I have to deal with those bad days. Have some donuts, drink some beer, and eat some comfort food. Then snap out of it! Don't reward yourself too much. The most important thing is to focus on yourself and stay motivated. Don't compare yourself to other people's journey and don't do it to impress other. It will fade eventually. Do it for YOU!

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