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​A healthy lifestyle includes a lot more than eating right and going to the gym. While both of these play a huge role in becoming healthier, there are other factors that are just as important. Mental health is just one of the many factors that determines your lifestyle. If you follow my Instagram fitness blog, you will know that my ultimate goal is to help others achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves each and every day. We owe it to ourselves to become our best self and to take care of our bodies and mind.

​I am very open and truly enjoy being honest for everyone that reads my blog posts or follows my fitness page. I’ve come across so many fake individuals and so many fake testimonials about products that it’s left me fed up. Why can’t we just be honest about our lives and the things we go through? Everyone has problems and NO ONE LIVES A PERFECT LIFE. It just doesn’t exist and that is okay. As long as we are happy and healthy, who cares what someone else thinks. It is YOUR life and those opinions of others DON’T have to come home with you unless you allow it. I decide to be honest and share my journey with all of you whether it is bad or good. Not every day will be a good day, but if you can push past that you will be okay. I promise.

I decided to take a step back and analyze my lifestyle and this fitness journey of mine. I was able to achieve a better routine with the gym, had eliminated fast foods, and a lot of sugar from my diet. However, it seemed like something was still missing. I felt like there was something more I could’ve be doing for myself to help rid of some migraines I was having and feel better on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I did a lot of research and found that diet can cause migraines. It was not definite that my diet was the cause of this, but I was willing to try almost anything to stop the daily frustration. I was never against trying anything like this; it just didn’t cross my mind to switch. I was also unaware of ALL of the POSITIVES going organic included. 

First off, let’s start by explaining what organic means and what it actually is. The term is thrown around so nonchalantly now that it may be hard to understand what actually is considered organic. According to the USDA, organic foods must be free of synthetic additives. The additives include dyes, pesticides, and even chemical fertilizers. The food cannot be processed with genetic engineering or any industrial solvents. LEARN about what you are putting into your body people! The chemicals and additives are NOT necessary or needed to be healthier. If they do this to our food that we eat, imagine what chemicals and “additives” go into our cleaners and beauty products! Organic does not just include your daily food intake. It covers ALL aspects of life from cleaning products to beauty products and more. The decision to switch for me was easy, but still took time. I am still not 100% organic because there are times I do enjoy ordering a pizza or having some cake. However, this is the only time I do not eat organic food. I have switched my grocery shopping and found new organic items that taste even better than the non-organic. If there is not an organic option, I will look for all natural items. Switching to an organic diet can be tricky, but over time it becomes even easier.

There will be foods you may not like or brands that you think are gross, but I promise you that there are AMAZING organic items out there. Sometimes, it just takes a little more looking and research, but it is possible. I have switched my household cleaners and even my beauty products to organic. This includes shampoo, toothpaste, and even toilet bowl cleaner. Yes, I said ORGANIC TOILET BOWL CLEANER. You might think I am crazy, but the switch has done wonders for me. Am I 100% migraine free? Nope! However, the change in my diet has made a HUGE difference and truly helped a lot. I have been about 90% organic for about a month and a half now and I’ve only experienced 2 migraines. That is unbelievable because I was literally getting migraines daily. While I know there are other factors that can be the cause of these horrible headaches,changing my diet and my lifestyle has really saved me. I feel better BOTH physically and mentally. I have more energy to do things and even a more positive outlook on certain situations that may have left me feeling down. I am also giving my body the energy and CLEAN fuel it needs to be successful and live. 

There are many positives to switching organic and I will cover these in my next two blog posts. I have decided to make this a mini blog series about my change to an organic diet. While my migraines played a huge role in it, there are MANY other reasons I decided to switch. I will discuss COST, POSITIVES and NEGATIVES, PROVIDE RECIPES, and any information I have learned about going organic. I will share my experiences and be completely honest about it. Has it been 100% easy? No, but it has been inexplicably worth it and I will share that in the weeks to come! Make sure to check out my posts and turn your post notifications on for my Fit Insta if you haven’t done so already! [Link listed below]

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