SNEAK PEEK into my fitness program | Guest Blog by Alyssa

The guide I have spent so much time writing and creating is finally available! I wanted to find a way to thank all of you for all of you kind love and support throughout this journey. All of you motivate me SO much more than  you know and help me push myself to new limits. Helping all of you become healthy and happy little humans is my main goal of my fitness insta. Sometimes, we don't have the support we need from individuals around us. I have been knocked down many times over the past year, but have built myself up stronger each time. Social media  is a great way to gain motivation and help  when you're feeling down or things just aren't going your way. This community has truly helped me in SO many ways over the last year and I am beyond grateful for the friendships I've made through it.
I have had many of my friends and family ask me to create workout  plans and/or go to the gym with them. Working two jobs and attending graduate school makes it almost impossible to have any free time...ever. And most free time is spent doing HW or studying, so writing a guide that was available for everyone came to mind. Helping individuals is my goal, so I thought this would be a way to reach EVERYONE. Amanda and Wolfefit made this dream possible for me. She gave me the opportunity to write a guide and helped launch the whole thing. She's such an amazing individual and this community is unbelievable. I couldn't be more excited to share this program with you! I hope you join me on this journey to become the healthiest, happiest, and best version of yourself!
In celebration of the guide, I decided to make this blog post a special one! I have included ONE FULL workout from the guide, with a video to go along! The workout I chose was Workout 4 HIIT/CARDIO. I chose this day because HIIT was how I started seeing HUGE RESULTS. It's the first thing I added to my training that helped me become more serious in the gym. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, allows you to burn more calories than jogging or even walking on a treadmill for an hour. Did I mention HIIT workouts can be done quickly through circuit training. Your endurance will increase leading to higher reps and heavier lifts.  The workout I have included below consists of two circuits. Complete each workout in the circuit for 30s each. You can rest in between sets for 15s. Complete each circuit for 2-3 rounds and make sure you complete circuit one for ALL rounds before moving onto circuit two.
Other benefits to adding HIIT to your workouts are;
1. Burn Fat NOT Muscle.
2. Metabolism increases.
3. Build a healthier heart.
4. Require little to no equipment.
5. Can be done almost anywhere.
Now, let's get sweaty together! 

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