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WOLFE TIPS // how to create a lead magnet

thanks again for tuning into another Wednesday with WOLFE. on this weeks "episode" i discussed lead magnets, what they are, why you should have one and how to implement one. so let's dive in, and as always, make sure to tune into my Instagram every Wednesday where i discuss a new marketing topic as it relates to your fitness/wellness business. WTF is a lead magnet?it's an enticing free gift or offering in exchange for a potential customer/clients email to connect with them. a lead magnet is the first step in providing customer value. and, it can present it self in a variety of forms/channels and some of the most common ones are; website light box/pop-up social media channels. ex; ask your...

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The journey to healthy, holistic skin care | Guest Blog by Lisa

My names Lisa and I'm obsessed with all things organic, holistic and beauty. When Instagram stories became a thing, I immediately started getting DM's from my followers asking me to "tell them my secrets", or telling me "your skin is flawless" or just simply asking me to show my skin care routine. This made me laugh a bit because I thought in my head "if they only knew". I have been through it all when it comes to acne, skin care and finding out what routine and products work best for me.

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Meet Ashley | Texan, fitness coach and marathon runner!

So a typical day starts with drinking pre-work out and getting my work out in first thing! I am very much a morning gal. Then I go to work at the office as I am a dental hygienist! I work Monday through Thursday and do my fitness coaching on the side virtually. When I get home from work I eat dinner and relax with my sweet husband. We try to keep most of our outings  to the weekend so we can just relax/cook  together on the week nights! 

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Meet Katheryn | Wife, mother and starbucks lover

My name is Katheryn. I am so many things, but first I am a wife, mother of two teenage boys and I'm enjoying my thirties. I started my fitness journey after taking a hard look at blood work results I got from my yearly exam. Not only was I overweight for my height, my blood glucose was in the pre-diabetic stage and my overall cholesterol was in the high marker. My doctor mentioned in the past how I gained weight, but I breezed over it. I was actually upset that he mentioned it when I just finished a half-marathon. 

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Do I need to count macros to get fit? | Guest Blog by Alyssa

"To count macros or not to count macros?" That is the question I get the most from my fitfam. Let's first start by explaining what it actually means to "count macros". Counting macros refers to tracking the number of protein, carbs ,and fats you consume on a daily basis. For some people, this is a crucial part of their fitness training, but for others tracking macros may not even come to mind. Tracking macros has many benefits, but in my own opinion there are a few negatives just as there is with most things in I  right?!

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