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The journey to healthy, holistic skin care | Guest Blog by Lisa

My names Lisa and I'm obsessed with all things organic, holistic and beauty. When Instagram stories became a thing, I immediately started getting DM's from my followers asking me to "tell them my secrets", or telling me "your skin is flawless" or just simply asking me to show my skin care routine. This made me laugh a bit because I thought in my head "if they only knew". I have been through it all when it comes to acne, skin care and finding out what routine and products work best for me.

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Meet Lisa | Health food blogger and social media influencer

Meet Lisa from New Jersey, lovely Lisa! She is just that and has the most bomb dot com Instagram feed we have seen in a while when it comes to homemade healthy recipes! Seriously though, she is a must follow when it comes to the health and wellness community and is a HUGE inspiration to not only us but her healthy following too! Lisa shares her health and fitness journey below -- check it out!   

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