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Meet Sara // Entrepreneur and Boutique Owner

INTRO BY WOLFEmeet Sara, no 'H'. owner of the Modern Emporium and bad ass female entrepreneur. check out her story below, how she became an entrepreneur and what inspires her. HER STORYI’m originally from Michigan although I knew I wanted out of there when I was a kid. 😂. So right after college I moved to Los Angeles and lived the most amazing life there for 16 years. In July, I moved to Dallas because my husbands entire company relocated. We’re adjusting. In some ways it’s exciting to be in a new place and able to explore new things. But we also miss everything we lived in LA that Dallas doesn’t offer. It’s been a challenge but we’re trying to...

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WOLFE TIPS // how to create a lead magnet

thanks again for tuning into another Wednesday with WOLFE. on this weeks "episode" i discussed lead magnets, what they are, why you should have one and how to implement one. so let's dive in, and as always, make sure to tune into my Instagram every Wednesday where i discuss a new marketing topic as it relates to your fitness/wellness business. WTF is a lead magnet?it's an enticing free gift or offering in exchange for a potential customer/clients email to connect with them. a lead magnet is the first step in providing customer value. and, it can present it self in a variety of forms/channels and some of the most common ones are; website light box/pop-up social media channels. ex; ask your...

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WOLFE TIP // How to time block

This is the secret to how I condensed a 12 month project into THREE WEEKS. Yupp, you heard me, three weeks.  They say to never underestimate the power of someone in a 'desperate' situation, and well, 'they' were right.

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