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Meet Sara // Entrepreneur and Boutique Owner

INTRO BY WOLFEmeet Sara, no 'H'. owner of the Modern Emporium and bad ass female entrepreneur. check out her story below, how she became an entrepreneur and what inspires her. HER STORYI’m originally from Michigan although I knew I wanted out of there when I was a kid. 😂. So right after college I moved to Los Angeles and lived the most amazing life there for 16 years. In July, I moved to Dallas because my husbands entire company relocated. We’re adjusting. In some ways it’s exciting to be in a new place and able to explore new things. But we also miss everything we lived in LA that Dallas doesn’t offer. It’s been a challenge but we’re trying to...

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Meet Gabby | Coach, inspiration and role model for women

Growing up I was considered overweight. I remember my doctor telling my mom that I needed to go on a diet. If you lined up my school pictures, you can see how much my weight has fluctuated over the past 27 years of my life. One year I looked like a healthy kid and the next, I look like I was stuffing food in my cheeks like a squirrel. Looking back, it was no surprise to me that when I went to college, I gained 40 pounds. That much weight on a 5' 2" girl is A LOT. I was having trouble with my thyroid, had acid reflux and high cholesterol.  

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