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Yesterday I went live on Instagram and showed you guys just how crazy I was when it came to organization.  While I have always been hyper-organized, I never time blocked until "I got asked to leave".

This is the secret to how I condensed a 12 month project into THREE WEEKS. Yupp, you heard me, three weeks.  They say to never underestimate the power of someone in a 'desperate' situation, and well, 'they' were right.

If you haven't already, check out my intro video here to learn a little bit more about me and the WOLFE platform.

So, time blocking. WTF is it am I right? Well, not only is it a lifesaver, but it is an extremely efficient way of organizing your day, week, month and year, right down to the hour for each task.

I'll share how I break it down below, and have also provided you with some downloadable sheets to get you started. I am a little old school with this particular task and keep it all in a notebook (this is my go to brand: Eccolo Ltd.), but then again, I am next level. I recommend starting with the sheets I have provided for you.

First, I like to see a full calendar view of things. I am a totally crazy person and literally see everything in calendar form. Starting with a calendar view of the month or months (if you want to plan multiple at a time), gives you the big picture and helps you process what is a head for the upcoming month.

Wolfe Calendar Download


Once I've printed the calendar and filled in the major events, projects and campaigns for the month. I then get into my notebook and write a list view, entitled "Month at a Glance" of the calendar. This may seem repetitive, but I carry my notebook with me everywhere and need to know what is happening at all times. The calendar usually sits on my desk at home. I have also found some cute white board calendars from Winners/Marshalls for about $16.99. Definitely check them out!

Wolfe Fit Month at a Glance Download


Simply fill in the day of the week, the date and the description of the event, project, campaign or task. Try to keep this section as "high-level" as possible. You'll be able to break it down further once we get into the daily time block.

From here, I write out my monthly goals. Anything major that isn't already in the month at a glance, I add it in afterwards. My monthly goals are broken out in the following topics:

  • Engagement // because social media is a big part of my business, I need to keep track of my social goals as they pertain to engagement, followers and behaviours.
  • WOLFE // I have an entire section for WOLFE since it is such a beast and it is broken down into sub-categories such as, website, merch, giveaways, campaigns, etc.
  • Freelance // another section for any freelance work I do, from web design to social media management.
  • Personal // this includes chores, family events, birthdays and anything I want to accomplish outside of work.

I would say, I refer to this section the most often. I use to try to pack in so much in one month, but by breaking out my goals, I was able to prioritize and get a better idea of what I was actually able to accomplish (without burning out).

Wolfe Fit Monthly Goals Download


Once I have the monthly goals sorted out, I move into weekly goals to break it out even further. A lot of people thing a month is a long time to get things done, but it really does go by so fast and before you know it, it's December and you're trying to scramble to get things done. DO NOT be like that, especially if you're a boss -- NO ONE wants to work for or with a disorganized person. It adds a lot of unnecessary stress and you'll end up losing talented people on your team.

Similar to my monthly goals, my weekly goals are broken out into the categories above.

Wolfe Fit Weekly Goals Download


Now we are getting to the good stuff. Once you have the full picture, monthly view and your goals broken out by month and week, we can get into DAILY TIME BLOCKING.

Taryn Shea 21 Day Fit + Chic

Everyone's day will start and end at different times, that's why I left the time slot blank. For example, my week day starts at 5:00 AM and ends at 10:00 (because I am a grandma) and my weekends start at 8:00 AM and usually end around midnight (most of the time). For this sheet, simply add the time to the left column and under the description/task column you're going to start adding items you want to complete at particular times. See below for an example of what a typical day looks like for me:

  • 5 - 7:30 AM // Morning Routine (wake, meditate, lemon water, bone broth, workout, breakfast).
  • 8:00 AM // Post to social + check email
  • 8:30 AM // Walk with Rob to work
  • 9:00 AM // Work on Client X fitness program
  • 10:00 AM // Client phone call + brand consulting
  • 11:00 AM // Finish website edits for Client Y
  • 12:00 PM // Lunch
  • 1:00 - 3:00 PM // Film/produce content + edit and schedule
  • 3:00 PM // Work on art for Client Z marketing strategy
  • 4:00 PM // Tidy condo + Laundry + Vacuum
  • 4:30 PM // Prep dinner
  • 5:30 PM // Dinner
  • 6:30 PM // Time with Rob + errands
  • 8:30 PM // Lemon water + prep for bed
  • 9:00 PM // Read
  • 10:00 PM // Bed

And that is a light day lol. It might seem repetitive to include your morning routine, lunch and dinner, but these are all things I make sure to make time for. I don't like skipping meals so I make sure I don't schedule anything else during my lunch time.

Wolfe Fit Daily Time Block


Those are the basics of time blocking. I have an entire digital calendar that I use too which includes my content calendar, but I will get into that another day. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email at hello@wolfe-co.com.

Comment below if you time block!


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