WOLFE TIPS // how to create a lead magnet

thanks again for tuning into another Wednesday with WOLFE. on this weeks "episode" i discussed lead magnets, what they are, why you should have one and how to implement one.

so let's dive in, and as always, make sure to tune into my Instagram every Wednesday where i discuss a new marketing topic as it relates to your fitness/wellness business.

WTF is a lead magnet?

it's an enticing free gift or offering in exchange for a potential customer/clients email to connect with them.

a lead magnet is the first step in providing customer value.

and, it can present it self in a variety of forms/channels and some of the most common ones are;

  • website light box/pop-up
  • social media channels. ex; ask your community via Instagram story to follow you on Facebook to receive 15% off their first order. this is especially great if you are looking to build up your other social platforms
  • Facebook messenger. similar to the example above, you can reach out to your community on facebook and ask them to subscribe to your email list for a free copy of your "how to create a lead magnet, for newbs" guide.

currently, i offer my community 10% off their first order AND a free copy of my 7 day vacay workout program if they subscribe to my email list. this has helped me grow my list to 300 subscribers (and growing) in just a couple of weeks.

i am using a multi-channel approach by communicating my offering on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and my website. 

why should you have a lead magnet?

engagement, engagement, engagement!

you want to connect with your peeps, yo! seriously, being able to have a product or service that solves a pain point and then providing ongoing value going forward is QUEEN (i'm now saying this instead of king, mmkay?)

it is all about connecting with your community and providing them with value. 

as mentioned above, a lead magnet is your first step in providing this value.

how do i build a lead magnet?

there are a number of tools out there to build a lead magnet. 

here are a couple of my faves;

  • - this is a tool build by the marketing GOD Neil Patel, AND it's free! you can pretty much integrate it into any website platform (Wordpress, Wix, etc.). this site is super user friendly and takes you step by step on how to create it and implement into your site
  • MailChimp for Shopify - this is what i use and again, it's free! MailChimp has an easy three step process to create and activate your lead magnet. from there you can also start creating your automated email flow (which i'll discuss this coming week). another user friendly tool!

i hope you found this blog on lead magnets useful, please comment below if you have any questions, or if you have other topics you would like me to discuss.

coming up next week > email automation through MailChimp.


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