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Not in the wellness industry? Don't worry, these tips and tricks can be applied across industries, but all of my examples will be in relation to heath and fitness.

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There are a few things I take into consideration when sourcing my merch. Check out my 4 step process below.

Seriously, do a ton of research on your local suppliers. I was lucky enough to have made a connection with a company called Cansource a few years ago, so I currently work with them for my merch.

The reason why you want to do your research, is not only for quality, but where you can get the lowest cost. Shipping tends to be quite expensive, so the lower the cost of your product the better. 

I actually do the designs myself, and no, I AM NOT a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination. I actually use two tools depending on the type of design I am working on.

Canva is an amazing design tool, especially for small businesses. You can create web/email banners, images for social media (sizing already done), logos, business cards and pretty much anything that has to do with a business and marketing it.

Another tool I rely on quite heavily is Google Drawings. A few months ago I did a tutorial on how to design a logo without using Photoshop and really, Google Drawings has been fantastic for that. 

My merch is pretty simple, some would even say basic bish-esque, but us wolves like it like that mmmkaayy?


As I mentioned earlier, shipping can be expensive. Actually, it IS expensive. with the help of Shopify though you can save some money and time by pre-printing your shipping labels through your store. 

Currently, I pick up all my merch from the supplier before shipping it to my customers. As time goes on, I may look into dropshipping to save some time.

When it comes to packaging, I like to use bubble mailers or mailer boxes (just like the fit, fab, fun ones you see). 

A couple inexpensive places to purchase these in bulk are uline and clearbags.ca


I will definitely start looking into a private label manufacturer down the road, but for now, since my merch is basics, I am okay with a company like Gildan's tag being on my product.

A great private label manufacturer in Toronto is Peace and Cotton

Comment below with your Instagram handle if you have an eCommerce shop -- would love to support other small businesses!

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